Windshield replacement - "don't try this at home."  We have all heard this phrase in a humorous reference and in a serious tone. 

When you have reason to replace the windshield in your vehicle, it is a serious matter, requiring the skills of a factory trained technician.  In the past a correct windshield installation meant not having to experience an unwanted water leak, that annoying whistle from wind noise, or even avoiding the risk that improper adhesion-which would sacrifice the safety and structural integrity of the body that the windshield provides, if correct procedures were not followed by the installer.

But now, many of today's models have high tech features such as Collision Avoidance, Lane Departure Alert, Radar Cruise, Auto-Dimming Headlamps, to name a few.  These options include hardware that is attached and referenced to your windshield.  This requires specific adhesives, precision placement of the glass in the opening and recalibration of the systems in some instances. Because of these increases in your vehicles capabilities the need for precise, correct installation is even more critical.

This hi tech installation  process can be done by the skilled, factory trained technicians in our service departments to ensure that these high-tech safety and convenience features function as designed following replacement of the windshield.

Be sure to consider this when selecting which Body Shop will replace your windshield.