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Renard Bergstrom
Dealer Principal

Ben Bergstrom
Internet & Digital Coach

Jeremy Devier*
Vice President of Sales

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Hometown: Devils Lake, ND

Jeremy started working for the dealership as a salesperson during college, thinking it would be a great job to do at the time. Little did he know, over 20 years later he's still here and he still loves it! He said the customers' excitement never gets old. His favorite vehicle to drive is a Ford Mustang. Although he doesn't have a "favorite" feature, he truly enjoys helping customers find the vehicle that fits their own needs and wants and would love to help you out.

Chris Devier*
General Manager

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Hometown: Devils Lake, ND

Chris has always loved the bond between a person and their vehicle, and his desire to help people find the vehicle that they'll bond with brought him into the car business. His favorite part of the buying process is seeing a customer light up when they find that special vehicle they've been looking for. While he doesn't have a favorite vehicle to sell, he enjoys the satisfaction of assisting someone with the huge commitment of buying a car. Chris is excited to answer your questions when you come to Lake Toyota! 

Bob Davis*
Used Car Director

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Hometown- Crary, ND

Bob really enjoyed the art of negotiation, as well as new cars, so he decided to give the car business a try over 20 years ago. To him, the satisfaction of seeing a smile on a happy customer's face cannot be beat. He also appreciates all of the friendships he's formed through selling vehicles over the years. His favorite vehicle to sell (and drive) is the Ford F-150. The technology has changed tremendously in the past 2 decades, and it's Bob's favorite thing to show to customers.

Richard Eback
Fixed Operations Manager

Eric Lysne
Office Coordinator



Erin Duben
Customer Acquisition Coach

Dawn Ryan
Customer Acquisition Specialist

Michelle Eback
Customer Acquisition Specialist

Monique Kraft
Customer Acquisition Specialist

Darien Baughman
Customer Acquisition Specialist

Miriah Nygaard
Customer Acquisition Specialist



Jason Olson*
Sales Manager

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Hometown: Devils Lake, ND

Jason was first exposed to car sales by his dad, who sold vehicles for over 40 years. As a people person, Jason saw it as a fun and exciting opportunity. While his favorite vehicle is the Toyota Tundra because of its power and quality, he truly enjoys helping people find a vehicle that most excites them and meets their needs.

Jeramy Gronaas*
Sales Manager
(701) 888-4341

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Hometown: Tolna, ND

A former long-time employee of Bergstrom Cars called Jeramy up and asked him to work at Lake Toyota, and it's turned out to be an unexpected long-time career. He loves to help people and really believes in the Toyota brand. The crew at Lake Toyota is tight-knit and has the customer's best interest at mind before, during, and after the sale, and Jeramy would love for you to stop by and Join the Lake Toyota family to see for yourself!

Frank Black Cloud*
Sales Consultant
(701) 888-4308

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Hometown: San Diego, CA

Frank has the self-proclaimed "Gift of Gab," which helps him work very well with a variety of people. He ended up in sales while looking for something different that would allow him to help people- and there is nothing quite like finding that exact vehicle a customer is looking for. His favorite vehicle is the Highlander because of its comfortable ride, #1 rank in class, and seating for the whole family. The safety features available to customers now are astounding, and Frank is ready to show you more.

Tyler Bjerke*
Sales and Leasing Consultant
(701) 888-4306

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Hometown: Leeds, ND

A love for new vehicles made the idea of selling vehicles a natural choice for Tyler. As America's best-selling car, the Toyota Camry is easily his top pick of vehicle on the lot. He enjoys demonstrating all of the new technology on vehicles and is ready to help answer all of your questions about it.

Jordan Grumbo*
Sales Consultant
(701) 888-4342

Hometown:  La Palma, CA

Since he was a kid, Jordan has enjoyed the experience of going to a dealership, and the constant adaptation and changes in technology drew him into this career. His favorite parts of the job are the people he gets to meet and the opportunity to help whole families find vehicles- when you're happy, Jordan is happy, too! Jordan's first sports car he ever bought was a Ford Mustang, and on nice days you'll see it parked outside of the dealership. He looks forward to helping you customize your vehicle, making sure that you get all of the details that are important to you!  

Grayson Eback*
Sales Consultant
(701) 888-4335

Hometown- Mandan, ND

Grayson was drawn to the car industry because it gave him the opportunity to help others. His favorite part of the job is seeing the excitement people get over their new vehicle. He loves learning about all of the variation in different vehicles looks forward to helping you learn about the cool technology available!



Shawn Anderson
Service Manager

Roger Eikom
Master Service Technician

Kelly Leben
Service Technician

Robert Thompson
Service Technician



Jacob Huffaker
Quicklube Technician

Doug Kruse
Quicklube Technician



Chris Svedberg
Parts Manager



Paula Ramsey
Finance Manager



Teresa Linde
Office Manager & Finance Assistant

Kristen Eisenzimmer
Office Assistant



Cindy Geer
Recon Technician

Richard Strand
Recon Technician

Anthony Rudnik
Dealership Custodian